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What are the Advantages of Custom Software?

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Integration with Existing Systems

User Experience

Support and Maintenance

Data Management and Reporting

Training and Onboarding

EduQueue’s Core Features

Discover features not just built for efficiency, but crafted for your campus. From entry to exit, every interaction is designed with your school’s DNA in mind, ensuring it fits like a glove into your educational environment.

Enhance the security and efficiency of your school with our Visitor Management feature. This system streamlines the check-in process, ensuring a quick and secure entry for all visitors. With real-time tracking and detailed reporting, monitor visitor movements within the school premises effectively. Our customizable visitor badges with photo ID enhance security, while integration with existing security systems ensures a comprehensive safety solution. This feature is not just about managing visitors but ensuring a safe, welcoming environment for everyone in the school community.

Our Offender Check feature provides an essential layer of security for the school community. Upon visitor check-in, this system instantly cross-references visitor data with national offender databases. It ensures that individuals who pose a potential risk are flagged and handled according to school safety protocols. This safeguard supports a secure learning environment, giving peace of mind to students, staff, and parents alike.

Keep accurate and effortless track of student attendance with our automated system. This feature simplifies the check-in and check-out process, providing real-time attendance data and historical analysis. Stay informed with instant notifications for unexplained absences and integrate seamlessly with your school management systems for efficient record-keeping. Our attendance tracking solution is designed to support educational institutions in maintaining consistent attendance records, aiding in student performance monitoring and ensuring student safety.

Organizing school events is now more streamlined and efficient with our Events Management feature. Plan and schedule school events with ease, manage RSVPs and guest lists, and ensure secure, event-specific check-in processes. This tool also includes communication features for sending out event announcements and updates, making it a comprehensive solution for event planning and management. Enhance the experience of school functions and gatherings with a system designed to handle all aspects of event coordination.

Our system fortifies student safety with a robust Parent and Guardian Verification feature. It verifies the identity of any individual attempting to pick up a student, cross-checking against pre-approved lists and student records. This ensures that only authorized guardians are granted access, reinforcing child security and parental confidence in the school’s commitment to their children’s well-being.

What Impact have we had?

“When the State mandated socially distant distribution within two days, EduQueue promptly provided what we needed – onboarded it the same day.

Victor Grullon – Union City Public Schools

The EduQueue Journey

Embark on a journey of transformation with EduQueue’s step-by-step process. Our collaborative approach goes beyond implementation, focusing on a long-term alliance that brings continuous innovation to your visitor management system.

Discovery & Needs Analysis:

We start by understanding the unique challenges and requirements of your institution.

Strategic Planning

Together, we map out a custom solution that aligns with your educational goals and policies.

Seamless Integration:

Our team ensures the solution fits perfectly within your existing systems, providing a smooth transition.

Training & Ongoing Support & Optimization:

Post-deployment, we offer unparalleled support and continuous improvements, guaranteeing long-term success.

Choose EduQueue for a partnership that values personalized support and innovative custom solutions.

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